By Carol Sandford


Chapter 10


Kathleen Carson glanced at her watch again, the third time in as many minutes. She was fashionably two hours and 5 minutes late for her shift. Any minute now the hail would come. She lay in bed, the dimness of the room concealing the true hour of the day, but she didn't care, she didn't even care that she didn't care.

She glanced at her watch again, jumping slightly as the delicate chirp of the hailer reached her ears. But it was the voice she was waiting for and sure enough, it soon followed, "Riker to Carson, acknowledge."

She politely ignored him, but he didn't give up that easily. "Commander Riker to Ensign Carson, acknowledge before I send a security team down there to kick you out of that bed."

Grabbing her communicator, Kathleen managed to sound convincingly mortified, "Oh, my God!! Oh, I'm sorry Sir, I had a bad night and must have slept through my alarm. Give me ten minutes please, Sir,"

She grinned at the sharp response back, "You've got five, move it!" Yup, this was going as good as she hoped. Okay, she was getting some bad marks on her records, but she figured it wouldn't take long to capture Will's attention, become his girl and then become the model officer once more . Yesterday had been an added bonus. Never in her wildest dreams did she imagine she would end up not only in his arms, but to be kissed by him too, even if it was out of anger.

The spark was there, Kathleen Carson just needed a little more time to ignite it.

The young ensign had only been on board a matter of days when she'd seen something she wanted in her Commanding Officer, even though she hadn't technically officially been introduced to him. She'd come on board in the middle of some crisis and had been plunged in at the deep end. It was also she acknowledged to herself probably why she hadn't made any friends, having missed the introductory showing around period.

But she wasn't complaining, she had her work and she also had her dreams; dreams that had haunted and tortured, leaving her in a sexually suspended limbo from the moment not so long ago that she had spotted Commander William Riker leaving engineering. Her plan of action was to get in his face so much that he'd see past everything else and focus on her, the woman. A woman who wanted him, by fair means or foul.

Her next opportunity had just arisen.

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