By Carol Sandford


Chapter 02


"Will, have you met Ensign Carson yet?" Deanna took a long sip of her iced tea, absently swirling the ice around the tall glass afterwards, watching the different shades of gold glisten and roll.

Will's bottom lip curled over, his forehead creased as he tried to place the name and the face to go with the name, "Carson, Carson? No, can't say I can place the name."

Deanna watched his response with a knowing smile as she reeled off the young woman's attributes, "Works in astro-physics, brunette, hazel eyes and extended legs."

His interest was marked at her last two words and she smirked with the knowledge that she'd known exactly what he would do, "No, no, cant say I do. Why, what's she done?"

Deanna sighed, replacing her drink on the glass table top, "That's just it, we don't know. Beverly has asked me to assess her as she appears to having some difficulty adapting. I'm surprised you haven't had any complaints about her work, or her attendance."

Will shook his head along with a healthy shrug of his massive shoulders, "Sorry, but I'll double check my reports, she may have slipped by me. Guess she could have heard about my fearsome reputation and chickened out of her reprimand."

Deanna's eyebrow's rose, but she couldn't resist grinning at the smug smile that lit up Will's face, "Oh, well, thats the answer then, the poor girl has gone into shock at the thought of you breathing down her neck."

Will laughed before lowering his voice and leaning in towards her, "Well, my hot breath doesn't seem to have that effect on you, Imzadi."

Deanna's laughter rang around the room, before she too dropped its tone, "How can I go into shock when I've melted all over your shoes...Imzadi?"

The intimate chuckle that rose from them both somehow defused the rising sexual tension. Both sorry that it did, but both relieved that they were able to do so. They had learned a long time ago that the tiny intimate personal references to their Imzadi bond far out-weighed their need to actually act upon them.

Will pushed himself to his feet, reluctant to break the tender moment but knew he needed to. As much as he would have liked to have dragged her into his arms and actually reduced her to that melted puddle at his feet, Will knew it wasn't to be, and the only way to avoid temptation was removing his sorely tempted body away from her.

Yawning widely, he looked down into her upturned face, "I'll have a look at Carson's file in the morning. She may well have been due for a roasting, and I've missed it somehow, I'll get back to you in the morning okay?"

Deanna nodded, her ebony hair bobbing with the movement, "Thank you, Will. Good night."

Will gave her a smile that she knew was only for her, "'Night, Deanna."

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