By Carol Sandford


Chapter 05


Deanna and Kathleen sat on one of the small tables in Ten forward, sipping the brightly florescent coloured cocktail's; two empty glasses sat on the table along with two more full ones. Kathleen was in full verbal form relating Commander Riker's stern lecture to her that morning along with the perfect accompanying facial mimics and pompous drastically lowered voice.

Deanna held onto her sides as her body shook with laughter. Oh Golly, she had not laughed so hard for years. Making the effort to halt her giggles, Deanna asked her through the gasps as she tried to catch her breath, "Did...did you see the tips of his ears go pink when he was yelling at you?!"

Kathleen nodded vigorously as they both collapsed laughing once more, Will's comical image springing to mind highlighting their mirth even more. She gasped as she tried to contain herself to add another amusing anecdote to the conversation, "Have you...ever seen the way his ENORMOUS nipples stand to attention even more than he does??!"

Deanna gasped in shocked hilarious horror at her companions very personal but highly amusing observation. Deanna giggled as she pushed her long finger over her lips and said, "Shhhhhh, Jeez, Kathleen, do you want to get thrown into the brig?!"

It was a sobering thought, but not as much as the sight of the man that stepped through the door and purposely made a beeline for the pair of them. It was an instant sobering remedy as they both struggled to straighten themselves out and maintain an air of feigned nonchalance as he approached their table, "Evening, ladies, mind if I joined the party?"

Deanna wasn't quite sure how she managed to hold back the grin as her eyes fell to his chest somehow expecting to see the object of their previous mirth. Will looked down at himself before searching her face in confusion, "What's wrong. Have I got the remains of my dinner on my shirt or what? Damn noodles are impossible to get into your mouth in one go."

That was it. Before Will knew what had happened, the two girls had broken out into a fit of giggles and had left him high and dry sitting alone at their table as they'd run out of the lounge arm in arm and laughing like a pair of hyena's, high on Lord knows what. He picked up one of their glasses and studied its contents before putting it down convinced he was imagining things,


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