By Carol Sandford


Chapter 06


"You want to tell me what that was all about last night, Counselor?"

Will stood over the woman he once adored...Still adored, and fired the question at her, not caring that she lay on her couch with a pillow over her eyes to shield them not only from the glare of the light, but the fire that she was sure blazing from his eyes."

"Shhhhhhhh, Will, I have a headache."

Will folded his arms, spread his feet and glared at her, "Good, serves you right. What on Earth were you thinking, Deanna? What possessed you to get rat-assed out of your skull, with I might add an Ensign who's own fragility is still to be questioned, and it seems, the jollities were apparently at my expense. I want an answer, Deanna or so God help me, I'll shake it out of you."

That made her stop and sit up, "What!?"

Will hunched down so he was level with her, hanging onto the arm for support. "Guinan said you and Kathleen were ridiculing my reprimanding technique, AND what I looked like when I was reprimanding. God, Deanna, How could you do that in front of the crew. How could you behave like that with a junior crew member thats barely been on board for five minutes? What on Earth must they all be thinking. What were YOU thinking!? Answer me, dammit!"

Deanna was mortified as she pushed herself off the couch onto the floor between his knees, bringing herself up enough to encircle his waist and hug her apology. "Oh God, Will, I am so sorry. I must have been drunk, it's my only excuse. We were having such a wonderful time, it just got out of hand. I'm sorry, Will."

Will pushed himself to a stand leaving her on the floor to look up at him with shame. He was angry, more than angry, he was furious, "Not good enough, Counselor. What you have done is inexcusable for a senior officer aboard this ship. You leave me no option but to inform the Captain. No doubt he will have a few choice words to say to you too."

Deanna's pleading "Will!, please!" reverberated off the closing doors as she watched her Imzadi hurtle through them, more hurt and angry that she had ever, ever seen him before. What had she done?


Now Deanna knew how it felt for the other crew members as she stood before her Captain, arms linked behind her back her head hung so low her chin rested upon her chest, and tears swam in her eyes.

"Well, Counselor, what have you got to say for yourself?"

Swollen, moist eyes rose to meet his as she spoke her last few trembling words,"I'm sorry Sir, you'll have my resignation by twelve hundred hours today and I will be off you ship within an hour after that."

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