By Carol Sandford


Chapter 01


The lift. A strange place where things can happen, if you want them to. It's a place of secrets. A place of longings.

It is not often that I find myself alone with you in the lift, but when I do, I find I can't help myself wanting a secret and a longing to come true.

I can hear your muted voice, chatting away to me about everyday things, but I'm not listening. When the door closes the devil within me comes awake. I grab your hand and pull you flush against my body and kiss you, hard, shocking you into silence until I feel you begin to respond and urgently tug at the fastenings on your tunic.

And then you're in my arms, up against the cool, solid lift walls and almost naked. My hands are roaming over your body as I kiss your soft, sweet neck. Your fingertips go exploring on their own, tracing paths, touching things that compel my body to squirm against yours.

And then I feel your palms upon my shoulders, pushing me down, down, down and I feel your breath upon my face getting hotter and hotter, faster and faster as desire invades your body. You want more and I want even more than that. I manage to sneak in a kiss to your breast on my travels, then a nipple, a rib and finally your cute belly-button on my way down to heaven. And then I get, 'there'.

You're already waiting for me, ready, willing and wanting, and as I kiss you, I can see your face. It's love I see, but it's more than that that I see, too, and as your black, desire-fuelled eyes meet mine, it's Imzadi I feel as our souls connect and we become one once more.

I feel your fingers thread through my hair and gently pull me up. By the time I've reached your desperate mouth, I've joined with you. I'm loving you and pushing all that I have into you, and onto you, slowly and surely until I feel your body and your soul soar away. My fingers fly to your mouth as I hear the screams begin to leave your lungs, and you bite me, not wanting to be hushed, leaving only me to remember where we are.

And then we slip to the floor, exhausted, exhilarated, astonished, and in awe.

Your voice begins to penetrate my wayward thoughts. "Commander? Will? Are you alright?"

I open my eyes that I don't realise are closed and look down into your beautiful, upturned face. Concern etches your features and then you look beyond what you see and gasp. Then you settle your shaking hand upon my chest, feeling my still racing heart beneath it, and you know what has happened.

You, 'know'.



"Will you kiss me, please?"

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