By Carol Sandford


Chapter 01


~Hmmmm, I wonder what you're going to do tonight?

Will I be revered and admired? Will I be stroked like it was our very first time, with gentleness, and care, and consideration? Will I be kissed like I was as fragile as a butterfly?~

It was hard to tell as you lay along beside me, naked, aroused and thoughtful. At least I knew you were going to go slow.

Very slow.

Your fingers trailed a path along my inner thigh and I found myself trembling with anticipation. You nibbled on the hollow of my throat, and I drowned in the tangy scent of your aftershave as it drove me wild, along with your lips and fingertips.

I couldn't stop my body from arching, reaching for heaven. But heaven was only a pulse away and you were denying me and driving me crazy.

I didn't realise I was scratching you until you flexed your shoulder, but the groan of agony was swallowed with a moan of ecstasy and I couldn't help grinning in the darkness.

Your repaid me by tormenting me further, brushing me so close, so very close, and you chuckled at my silent scream of feigned indignation.

I scratched you again.

And then I heard it, Beg

I opened my eyes and found you staring intently at me with that same tormenting smile upon your lips.

I blushed, glad of the darkness, No

Your palm lay flat against my heat, but you wouldn't move, no matter how much I squirmed beneath it.

You thought it again, Beg, Deanna

I brought your mouth down to mine and gave you an earth-shattering kiss. I forced my tongue inside your lips and beyond, fastening your head with my hand and began my own erotic torture.

Your battle was lost and you couldn't resist the pull of your loins that danced along with what I was doing to your mouth, and nor could my own limbs. I fought against your restrictive hand, but the restriction only added to the torment. I tried to move my legs but you foresaw my intention and pinned me down with yours.

I almost screamed aloud.

Perhaps I really did, because the kiss suddenly intensified. The kiss became a desperate struggle for something more, something much more carnal. Seconds later, even you couldn't resist the longing of my body as your hand began to move.

But not enough.

Please, Will

I felt your victory, but the victory was mine as I began my climb to oblivion as you finally moved.

It didn't take me long to be reduced to a trembling jelly, and all along, you watched with fascinated triumph; another notch for your make-believe bedpost.

When my various pulses had calmed enough for me to think and move coherently, I pushed against your chest and you gladly fell back, pinning your hands behind your head with an expectant grin lighting up your face.

I kissed and tugged at a nipple, gratified by the sudden jerk of your body as it sent a ripple throughout you. But I wanted some noise, I wanted to hear you groan, loudly.

A long nail dragged slowly along your rib-cage didn't do it. And nor did putting the tip of my finger in your mouth, urging you to suckle it, along with draping my breasts on your magnificent hairy chest.

But I got it a moment later as I ran a trail with my tongue down to your belly button, setting off every sensitive nerve ending within your body,


It was my turn to grin at him in the darkness. It was my turn to be the tormentor.


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