By Carol Sandford


Chapter 07


"I knew you would come."

"I couldn’t stay away any longer, I needed you"

"And I needed you, Will, more than you’ll ever know"

The slow seductive music drifted around the barely moving couple as they danced in the center of her living quarters. Will held Stephanie close, so close that they could feel each others hearts beating, her hands gently trailed the length of his body, savoring every hard muscle that moved below her sensitive fingers.

Will’s hands were tracing their own way along the curvy lines of her body, gently cupping her small derriere and hugging her tight against his own growing desire.

Throwing back his head, he closed his eyes and groaned to the charged air that enclosed them, locking the twosome in it’s own private aura. Will began to feel light headed as his ache began to reach fever pitch, his breath involuntarily became faster, shallower.

His mouth finally found hers and his tongue entered her mouth, giving her too little time to take a breath. But at the same time, Stephy’s fingers found their way to his head, and released a whimper as the intimate action licked at the very heart of her femininity. She drowned in the sweet moistness as her tongue wrapped itself around his and began the erotic dance. The dance of lovers. The dance of the mind. The torment of the soul.

Intertwining, slipping in and out, twisting, aching to get in deeper and deeper. Mindless with hunger and need, Stephanie broke away breathless. Will fixed his mouth onto her throat, unable to break the contact and unable to stop his body gyrating against her burning heat until he heard her gasped and desperate demand.

"Help me, Will, I’m going to explode."

Scooping her up into his arms, Will carried Stephanie into the bedroom and gently lay her down upon the black, silky coverlet. Stretching himself alongside her, Will searched her face to give her one last chance to stop what was about to happen. Her wanton eyes shone bright like two emeralds, silently begging him to lead. Tiny beads of perspiration sat upon her forehead, her lips, swollen with his brutal kisses, parted expectantly as she waited.

Will felt her tremble as her desire seeped from every fiber. Will stroked her cheek causing Stephanie to capture his fingers and turn his palm over. She kissed it gently, her eyes never leaving his. Will moaned and his eyes flickered shut as he felt her tongue make a wet trail along it, sending a pulsating shock wave straight to his loins.

Taking barely a minute to divest each other of clothes, it only took seconds for Will to settle his long form on top of her tiny frame. Propping himself on his elbows, Will tenderly played with the damp tendrils that framed her face, gently kissing her as he allowed her to get used to his weight. The kisses deepened until they were both lost within each other.

Capturing her floundering hands above her head with one hand, he used the other to pull up her satiny thigh. Will entered her with a slow thrust and heard her groan into his mouth. He plunged his tongue in further, reducing her rising fever to a liquid heat that washed over them both as they tumbled along with the breathless roller coaster ride.

Feeling the tender resistance, she felt Will pause, but she wrapped her ankles around his buttocks and thrust upwards, hissing at the sensation when the last barrier was broken. God, she was so hot, so tight, around him. It had been a long time.

Stone’s face popped into his head and he unconsciously began to move, harder and faster, trying to dispel the foul thoughts that invaded his mind. Will finally gained his release Stephanie couldn’t help but cry.


Will didn’t want to wake from the deep sleep, but the images still playing in his mind were so vivid. So real, he wanted it to go on and on. He lay with his eyes firmly closed, a sheen of perspiration coated his skin as heat burned deep down inside. Hunger gnawed at his lower body, making him clench his teeth to keep from groaning. He fought a silent battle to control the primal urges tearing through him.

He heard her cry his name, the sound whipped across his naked torso leaving a trail of goosebumps that stung as though an electric current flowed over his skin.

Will’s lungs ached, his throat burned, he wanted to plunge into the soft female form that writhed against him. But she was elusive; there, but not... She invaded every pore and fiber of his body and soul. He caught her finally, and thrust home.

Hot, wet ecstasy overtook him and he gripped her hips to bring her tight against him. She lunged against him over and over, screaming for release. He thrust harder and faster, striving to give her what they both craved.

Will rolled her beneath him and plunged deeper. Soon, harsh groans and the sound of flesh colliding in an ever increasing rhythm filled the air...the peak hit drawing her arching from the bed, her nails digging deep furrows down his back as she screamed his name. He threw his own head back and...

Will flew upright in his bed, panting in ragged gulps. Sweat ran in rivulets over his gace and chest, the air in the cabin felt cool on his heated skin. He shivered and looked for the blanket. The tangled coverlet lay where it fell in a puddle on the floor, long discarded as his body writhed in a intimate struggle with her senuous mirage as she invaded his dreams.

Will looked around, half expecting to find her there laying beside him with a twinkle in her eye and a satisfied smile on her lips. His own were dry and his tongue snaked out in a feeble attempt to moisten them.

"Computer, half lights."

The room became illuminated with a soft glow and Will slipped off the bed. He was surprised to find that his legs were weak and rubbery, barely able to carry his weight over to the food dispenser. Will took a deep breath, and shook his head to clear it. How could he have been reduced to a trembling shamble from a mere dream.

"Water, ice cold."

Will swallowed the entire glassful, not stopping until the last drop had been drained. He studied the glass as he placed it back onto the replicator and replayed his dream. Anger and then disgust filled him, when his body reacted once more.

"Christ, I have got to deal with this!" he said and turned back to his bedroom. He glanced at the chronometer beside his bed, was surprised to find it only 1.00am. He sighed knowing that he was not going to be able to sleep for some time. He found himself wondering if the little minx a couple of decks down knew just what she was doing to him. Will growled,

“I’ll bet she’s sleeping like a god damn baby. Computer, location of Stephanie Carter?"

"Stephanie Carter is currently in the observation lounge."

Will released the painful breath in one long, drawn out whoosh. This was his opportunity to straighten out this mess and put him out of a painful situation, one which had taken him by surprise.


Silence washed over Will as the doors hissed closed behind him. The room was bathed in half light allowing the stars that blinked in the inky blackness outside the viewport, to put on their own magical show.

Stephanie Carter lay spread along three of the joined seats, her knees pulled up. Her chest rose and fell in a steady rhythm, and she appeared to be sleeping. The image rocked Will to his core as he made his way over towards her. He would to just walk over to her, say what he had to say, and leave.

Will’s arm stretched down towards Stephy’s shoulder until in the dimness, Will found her eyes watching him intently. His heart thumped so hard that he was certain that she could hear it. He did nothing more than let his hand fall back to his side.

"Hello, Will."

Her voice, barely a whisper slammed through Will’s senses and his eyes fell shut as he struggled against the intimate sensation that washed over him.

Stephy watched Will’s face as he tried hard to cover his reaction to her voice. Somehow she knew that he battled against the feelings that he had for her. It hurt her to know that he even wanted to fight the attraction.

Couldn’t he see that underneath the bravado, behind the tough scientist, was a fully grown woman. He must be able to see that the skinny 15 year old was gone, replaced by someone who was desperately in love him and ready to give her heart, soul, and aching body to him. Will’s expression wasn’t difficult to read, he didn’t want her...or rather, he didn’t want to want her.

He had come to tell her something that she really did not want to hear. She pushed up onto her elbows, gasping as Will stepped back, startled. What did he think she was going to do?! Stephy watched the tell-tale flush touch his cheeks, as he looked away to hide his own embarrassment. “Steph, we need to talk. What you want from just wouldn’t be right.”

He met her eyes, the apology written within the cobalt gaze. Stephy smiled gently at him. "It’s okay, Will, I understand."

Will blinked several times as he digested her words, "You do?"

Stephy tapped the seat beside her, chuckling quietly, "Sit down, Will, I promise I won’t bite."

Will lowered his long frame onto the chair. Shifting his body slightly, but before he could say a word, Stephanie’s next question threw him and he groaned aloud.“Deanna...she’s your emotional grasp, isn’t she?”

Stephanie watched Will’s fingers briefly dig into the chair’s soft cushioning She felt rather than heard his low warning rumble, “Don’t do this, Stephy.”

Quickly pushing herself into a seated position, Stephy placed herself directly into Will’s half hooded gaze. Unperturbed, she ploughed on. “You said that you weren’t together because the timing wasn’t right...Does that mean that is no chance for us?. I need to know Will, I think I have a right to know, don’t you?”

Will nervously broke the steady gaze by moving his eyes towards the view port. Sighing loudly, Will tried to describe the relationship with his precious counselor. “Deanna and I go a long way back. We met on her home planet and we fell in love.”

Shrouded by the dimness of the room, Will privately smiled at the memory, Stephanie heard the smile in his voice. She felt the jealous twinge but pushed it away as she waited for him to continue.

“On Betazed, for some couples there is a deeper emotion besides love. Normally only Betazoids have this gift, but occasionally other lucky couples are priveledged to share the union, or bond.”


Stephanie’s heart began to feel heavy as the reality of what Will and Deanna shared begun to show through his words.

Will nodded, turning his head slightly to look into her face. Although barely visible in the darkness, Will could feel her eyes boring into his, searching for anything that would show he was deceiving her. She found nothing.

“It’s called Imzadi. Deanna and I are Imzadi. Nothing, not even death, can ever come between us.”

“You love her?”

“Yes, I love her.”

“You love her more than me?”

Will hesitated at Stephanie’s outspoken statement. Did he love Stephanie? Yes, he thought then that maybe he did, just a little, but nothing, nothing could surpass the love that he had for Deanna.

“It’s more than love for us, it’s life. She looks after my soul, and I hers. I live because of her, she keeps me alive. If either one of us should die, the other would probably soon follow, the tie is very strong, I could not live without her.”

“Why aren’t you together?”

“Because at this moment in time its not what we want.”

“Does that mean that your just playing with me Will?”

“No Stephanie, what I feel for you is just not the same way that I feel for her.”

“We have no future, do we?”

Poignant seconds passed before Will finally answered her. “, we don’t.”

His confession hung in the air. Surprised and silenced at Will’s honesty, she had absolutely nothing to say to him. Somehow, deep in her heart she knew that their relationship was never likely to have been permanent, but even more surprisingly, now that she understood, she did not mind.

“It isn’t that I don’t find you attractive.” Will began, and then he looked at her more closely. Her eyes shone with adoration, for him, and his throat tightened with a vice like grip. He couldn’t sit near her any longer. He didn’t know who was surprised more, when he got up from the seat to place himself well out of arms reach.

"I’m sorry Stephanie, I can’t be what you want me to be, I can’t become intimate with you, not now, not ever. It’s not you. You are one of the most beautiful women I have ever met, but I see you as someone to protect...a treasured friend. Maybe if circumstances, our past history were different, I would have been honored to be everything you wanted me to be, and more, but I can’t. I’m sorry."

Will had every intention of leaving as soon as he had said his piece, he even turned to do so, but then he looked at her. The half smile upon her elfin face confused the hell out of him.


Stephanie shrugged. Will watched the movement before searching her eyes again. He was surprised at what he saw, at what she said.

"I said it was okay, Will, I understand your reasons for not...loving me. I can see and feel your inner turmoil. I feel you fighting so hard not to give in to what your body wants. I won’t deny that I want you Will, I have wanted you since Paradise, but I won’t be content with only half of what you could possible give me."

Will was rooted to the spot as Stephy slid her feet to the floor eased herself from the couch with a natural sensuality. She moved to stand within a few inches of him. Will could smell her own intimate scent. He could see the desire in her eyes. Will wished with all his heart that he could kiss her, just once, but it wasn’t until Stephy spoke that Will realised he had spoken the thought out loud.

"Then kiss me, Will. Please, just once." Before her plea was complete, their lips had collided and with that collision burst a mutual whimper as their bodies gave in to the desperation that clawed its way up from their souls, step by painful step. And then, at long last, desperation found what it was looking for as their tongues met and locked in a timeless dance.

The kiss would do little to quench the desire that flared between them. Instinct and the thrust of her tongue mimicked the act their bodies craved. In and out, in and out, suckling and caressing Stephy ground her lips and then her hips against Will.

Moans and whimpers filled the air, their hands burned a fever as they traced frantically from head to hip. Will tried to stand rigid as she moved against his arousal, intent upon denying the act that would satisy their bodies needs, but he couldn’t deny his fevered loins any more than he could deny himself.

The kiss went on and on until they wrenched away from each other, gasping for the breath that had been shared for what felt like eons. Heartbeats pounded in unison as they clung to one another. Desires still roared out of control, neither could pull away from each others lower limbs that still gently gyrated in time with the waves of ecstasy that drenched them from head to foot.

The silence hung between them but the raging emotions soared around the room, buffeting the still embracing couple with a passion that begged to be quenched. It took every ounce of Will’s remaining resolve to sever himself from Stephanie’s arms and the magnetic force that locked their bodies.

Will felt something deep within him shrivel and die. He was shocked when a pain shot through his heart as he took one unsteady step away from her. Will never imagined it would be this hard.

Will’s throat tightened on the things that he wanted to say to her, but in his heart he knew that silence was the best thing. He didn’t trust himself to say the words that he needed to say.

With one final, apologetic look, Will stepped out of Stephanie’s arms and left the observation lounge. Once out of sight, he steadied himself against the cool wall once the doors had closed on one of the most painful things he had ever had to do.

He made his way back to his own quarters, and tried to shake the image of Stephanie from his thoughts. But the more he tried, the more he fought to hold on to them. He did not ever want to forget what had just happened, it was a memory that he wanted to cherish for the rest of his life, she deserved that.

Will now knew that Stephanie had ’saved herself’ for him. He was surprised that he hadn’t realised it earlier, but it made his decision to not pursue her all the more easier. Stephanie Carter deserved better. One day, he knew that she would find someone, someone who could love her in the way that she had wanted from him.

Will was just sorry that it could not have been him.

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