By Carol Sandford


Chapter 02


Dee stared out at the twinkling stars. Darkness had fallen rapidly as it always did at that time of year. It was comforting to hear the sounds that accompanied nightfall; Peace. But peace was anything that Dee felt at that moment. Tormented by the harsh restrictions of her mother and tormented by blue eyes that never left her dreams. Not just torment, but a new feeling, a feeling that was new to her.

One that had surfaced when her eyes had met his across that packed church. She chuckled quietly at that old cliche, never believing that it could really happen in real life. But it had and she was the living, breathing result of it. Love across a crowded room.

Love. She tested the word in her mind, and spoke the word aloud, "Love." Is this how love felt? Dee felt the pain that zipped through her abdomen coming to settle in a place that brought a feint blush to her cheeks, along with an excitement that bubbled from that very same place.

Sighing audibly, Dee stared out into the shadowy twilight, regret etched upon her flawless, olive features. In her heart, she had known that ’he’ was going to be at that party tonight. She didn’t know how she knew, but an instinct born out of something that was still alien to her, told her that tonight should have been her first step towards her destiny, her future.

And her mother had taken it away from her. She didn’t know what hurt more. Her mothers denial to let her live her life as she wanted it, or meeting the stranger that held her fate within the palm of his hand.

Dee knew which she wanted it to be.

The feeling that was new and raw to her, invaded her soul with an ache that visibly shook Dee. She had to get out of the house, away from that closed in feeling that was adding to her anguish. Swinging the heavy cardigan over her shoulders, Dee slipped out into the darkness, half waiting for her mothers inquisition, and half waiting for the step that would take her out of calling distance. One by one, her footsteps took her away from the dark worried eyes that followed her departure from behind the drapes. Dee knew that she was watching, but right at that moment, she didn’t give a damn. She’d missed the party, and if she hadn’t, it now wasn’t worth the effort.

Dee understood her mothers reasoning. She didn’t like it, but she understood it. But her own curiosity ate away at her insides, wondering what would have happened if they had met, and made contact, or had been given the chance to light the skies with the electricity that had blatantly sizzled between them.

What if they had kissed?

A chill shot through her along with another erotic after-shock that punched at the juncture of her thighs, and she groaned aloud as she hugged her slight form with her arms, drawing the warm cardigan around her body to hold in the warmth that now invaded her.

Living on the outskirts of town put Dee into the open space within minutes of leaving home. Her breath left her mouth in heavy puffs as she made her way upwards to the crest of Tarler hill where she intended to do nothing more than lay on her back and star-gaze. It was a magical place for her, a place where you could almost reach out and touch the heavens, whilst the open plains below, stretched out forever. No mans land. But for Dee, where she sat, there was peace.

But not tonight. Within moments of arriving, Dee heard the feint buzzing sound in the valley beyond. It was a sound she had never heard before and it fired up her imagination along with the desire to locate its source. But she could make nothing out in the darkness, even though it was a clear night and she had a soft moonlight to guide her way. Her courage to seek out this strange, new exciting noise rapidly dissipated along with the blackness that descended with the night, and the mystery that lay beyond the crest of the hill that Dee had made her own personal boundary.

Dee sat and stared out at the nothingness for an eon until the world went silent. Settling back on the grassy bank, she lost herself to her thoughts, and a little piece of her heart, to her dreams. Not so long ago it was dreams of getting her degree, leaving home and travelling, maybe back to her old home town, back to her roots. But since she had seen ’him’, life had come to a full stop. The stranger had occupied her every waking moment, and every dream.

She didn’t know why her feelings for him overtook every sane thought, or why the compulsion to get out there and find him was becoming so urgent. But then she rationally concluded that it was purely because she wanted to hear what he had to say to her. If he truly felt the way that she did; like nothing else in the universe existed except him, and her, then she wanted to know. She wanted to feel that. And she wanted to be face to face, and heart to heart, when those magical words were whispered.

Feeling lower than she had felt for a long time, Dee slowly made her way home. Her footsteps echoed in the emptiness of the night, her slight form creating long shadows that guided her home, but she was unafraid. The pretty streets were well lit, with no lonely alleys and no dodgy characters skulking in the corners, and minutes later, Dee was indoors dressed in her nightclothes and sitting back at her window, sleep refusing to come to her. It was a pattern that was replayed for the next three nights...


Dee listened for the now familiar buzz. She had come to the hill top earlier hoping to see what made the curious noise. Dusk was just setting in and as she listened to the comforting hum, she allowed her eyes to soak up the startling array of colours that splashed across the landscape as the sun began its journey down, leaving a sky suffused with almost every shade of red imaginable.

Dee heard the small motor - she had deduced that that was what the sound was, a small engine attached to...something, and it was the something that was driving her crazy with curiosity and with just as many romantic connotations. She had visions of someone trying to reach for the skies in a little home made plane, racing up and down the runway trying to get the wind beneath his wings to get him off the floor. She had chuckled to herself as she toyed with idea of telling whoever it was to try her hill and that he was sure to get off the ground from there. But she didn't, mostly because she rather enjoyed the relaxing sound that accompanied her in the lonely evenings.

Her mother was beginning to worry about her. Dee could see it in the knowledgeable eyes as the older woman watched her prowl around the house, searching for an excuse to escape. Until at last, the right time came and Dee could tell her that she was going to watch the sun set from Tarler Hill.

And so, here she was again, listening...

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