By Carol Sandford


Chapter 03


It was almost midnight when Will heard the chime at his door. Lying in his bed with his hands beneath his head as he contemplated his life, past, present and future. The past was full of memories of her. The present was full of treasured moments with her. The future was full of dreams to be with her.

He smiled into the shadowy darkness as her image danced before his eyes. An image of Deanna giving him not only her body, but her heart and soul, too. Will moaned with desire, its sound reflecting his body's wants. God, he wished she was here, in his bed. In his arms. He closed his eyes, emptied his mind, filled it with her and called her name; the name that they'd both cherished and worshipped for so long; ~Imzadi~

She heard him call. Lying in her own bed, she'd emptied her mind in the small hope that one night, he would no longer be able to fight the urge to be with her. The same urge that she had been struggling with herself for the past three nights.

Seeing him, being around him by day had been torture. Speaking to him had shattered her heart so many times she wasn't quite sure if she would ever recover. But she did, she had to - for the job. For her sanity. For her patience. For Will.

Three days of hell, that's how long it had taken. Three whole days. With a grin, Deanna slipped on her long silk dressing gown, raked her fingers through her long, loose hair. Dabbed a touch of scent behind her ears, and left her quarters.

And now she stood on the threshold of his living quarters shaking like a leaf and unsure of what the night held in store for her.

For them.

Will knew it was her. Pressing a button beside his bed, he opened the door. Not trusting his voice to sound coherent, he waited for Deanna to seek him out. Barely a moment later, she stood like a vision from his dreams in his bedroom doorway. He felt his body grow warm and his heart soared as he took in her smile.

But he thought he'd gone to heaven when he heard her huskily say, "What would you do if I climbed into bed with you?"

He didn't even attempt to hide the grin that erupted at her unusual choice of a chat up line, "I'd move over, lay back and think of home - I think."

Lifting her hands, she slipped the silky gown from her shoulders, watching Will's eyes widen briefly and then smoulder as she revealed the matching night wear beneath, its silky form clinging to her own womanly curves as she moved towards the bed.

Without thinking, Will sat up and pulled back the coverlet, moved over and Deanna slipped in beside him. Pulling the cover over her, settling its edge just beneath her breasts, Will turned his body towards her, allowing his huge hand to rest lightly upon her stomach. His eyes burned into hers, asking - begging her to say the word, or give him a sign, any sign to move on.

He saw the twinkle in her eyes, saw the love, unrestrained and free, "What would you do if I kissed you, Imzadi?"

Humour lit up his own eyes as he pursed his lips, he feigned debating, "Well, I..." but it was as far as he got.

"Oh you!" Her words were swallowed as she pulled his mouth against hers for a kiss that they had waited a life time for. A kiss that became the beginning of forever.

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