The Kiss


By Carol Sandford


Chapter 01


I remember every tiny minuscule detail of you, from the freckle behind your ear to the mole close to your ankle bone. From the dimple on your creamy thigh, to the delicious hollow behind your knees.

I remember the pounding of your heart as I touched your most intimate place; A place that I alone now only get to visit; A place that comes alive for me and only me; One touch, one kiss and you cascade like a waterfall in my arms, clinging on tight as the waves wash over you again and again.

And again.

Your breathless sighs as you whisper my given name makes my heart soar with the knowledge that you are mine, from now until forever. But when you gasp the name that is sacred between only you and I, a name more precious than anything else that you could give me; Have given me, Imzadi, I know I have found my reason for being here.

You are my reason.

I remember our last kiss. Oh my God, I do remember that kiss. As I poured everything I felt down into your sweet mouth, you opened wide and let me in, totally, with both of us clinging on to each other for dear life as the kiss went on and on, and on. When we broke apart, I don't know who trembled more with the power that surged between us, because neither one of us could let go. Neither one of us wanted to, and from that moment on, we were forged as one.

And that was when we knew. That was when we realised that we had to be together, we had to be one once more. The days of dancing around with each other were over. The days of feigned friendship were over, too. We were lovers and we were in love, hopelessly, and we wanted everyone in the universe to know.

Every single one of them.

I wanted to shout it out aloud that I loved you, but I know it wouldn't be new news to anyone. They had been waiting for as long as we had for this thing to happen. Every time we danced together, people waited. Every time you brought me back to life from near-death, people waited.

Every time damn time I looked into your eyes, people waited.

And waited.

But finally the wait was over and all it had taken was one earth-shattering kiss, a kiss that was witnessed and enjoyed by those very people. And all it had taken was for your lips to touch mine, and that word to be whispered by us both at the same time, sealing our fate, our future and our hearts.


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