By Carol Sandford


Chapter 24


"I'll be glad to do it. When do I leave?"

Picard faced the tall Klingon, completely undaunted by his size, nor by the look of vengeance that gave Worf an even more feral air than he had before. "It won't be that simple, Mr. Worf. It means altering your features. Behaving like them and most importantly, you aren't going to be able to communicate with them and that is going to cause a problem, we think. And also..." He hesitated before continuing. "I assume that you have noticed that they are somewhat naked in appearance?"

A fleeting moment of panic flared in Worf's eyes but was quickly extinguished at the prospect of getting at those that put his own race to shame. "That's...not a problem, sir."

"You've also got have the microchip inserted into your body."

He wavered with trepidation. "Where?"

"Deep inside your ear. We can do that when we are altering your features. You won't feel a thing. "The engineer assured him with a wide grin. "We're also going to implant a homing device so that you can get back to us and also a..." Geordi hesitated to go on, suddenly afraid that he was overloading Worf with not only too much information, but too much hardware, too. He cleared his throat before continuing. "We're also going to give you a device that, should anything go wrong, or you feel that you cannot succeed in your task, you can blow them all to Kingdom Come."

For a long moment the Klingon warrior regarded the men that stood around him as he contemplated just what they were asking of him. But, in the end, the opportunity to know more about his long distant forebears as well as be rid of the vermin that was controlling them proved too much of a temptation for him. "I will return triumphant. I will avenge those that have suffered for little more than dirt. I will..."

"Only do what is necessary to halt the atrocity, Mr. Worf." Picard warned.

Reluctantly, Worf relented. "Aye, captain. When do I leave?"

"As soon as we've made your alterations and fitted you with all the necessary technology to make the mission a success. You're sure you want to do this, lieutenant?"

"Absolutely, sir."

"Very well, then. I wish I were going with you. I'd like to meet this...person myself."

Worf had to stop himself from blurting that he would bring him his head on a platter, but as he looked around at his comrades once more he realised that he didn't have to utter one word. It was as clear as daylight that they silently voiced the same sentiments as he.

On a shudder of revulsion, Geordi slapped a hand upon Worf's shoulder. "Okay, let's do this."

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