By Carol Sandford


Chapter 27


"Wow! you look amazing!"

"He's certainly ugly enough."


"Good, good. You'll fit in perfectly."

"Do you think he smells bad enough, Data?"

Data took an exploratory sniff towards their target of scrutiny. "No, I do not think so. However, I think that by the time he arrives he will smell as all the others do."

"Nasty!" Geordi said with laughter lacing his one word.

"Indeed. It is not a pleasant odour." Replied Data, his gaze as deadpan as his gaze towards the Klingon.

"Have you finished ridiculing me?" Snarled Worf.

Geordi chuckled again. "Sorry, Worf, but have you actually looked in a mirror lately?"

"I have. I look...ridiculous." He slurred as he simultaneously glanced down at himself and grimaced. Until he was down on the planets surface he still wore covering. As proud as he was of his unique physique, he was not ready to show the crew of the Enterprise all of his attributes.

The transporter room was buzzing with activity as they waited the captains arrival. He'd been held up in sickbay for some unknown reason and Worf's orders were to wait for him so that he could see him off and give him his last instructions.

They didn't have to wait for long. Within minutes, Captain Picard strolled through the door, smiling brightly at the threesome as he approached. He also rubbed his hands together and Geordie couldn't resist asking. "Everything okay, captain?"

"Yes, yes, everything's grand, Mr. Laforge. Are we all set to go here? Mr. Worf. I must say you look..." He searched for the word to sum up the Klingon's new look, but could only come up with one that fitted. "Magnificent." He beamed.

"Thank you, sir." Worf grumbled, the words barely legible as he struggled with his new teeth. He was still unsure if he was upset that in reality Geordi hadn't had to do too much to alter his appearance so that he could pass for one of the primitive ones, or proud that they had achieved such a remarkable job.

"All set to go, Mr. Worf." The captain returned to business. At Worf's nod, he continued. "Commander Riker will be waiting for you when you arrive at the co-ordinates below. From there he will lead you to the portal. From there on, Worf, you are on your own. If you can get any information back to us, then all the better, but if not, just keep yourself safe and come home. Understood?"

"Understood, captain. I will do my best, for the Federation, the Klingons and the Lanaarians."

The captain reached out to shake his hand and Worf only hesitated for a moment before settling his own much larger one into it, surprised at the intimate gesture. "Good luck, Mr. Worf. Do us all proud."

"Aye, sir. Goodbye." Worf nodded to his other comrades and headed for the transporter pad. Just as he heard Picard relay the Energise command, Worf whipped off the toga like covering that had kept his modesty. The last thing the Klingon heard as he de-materialized was the stunned gasp of those who were watching him, making Worf smirk with pride at what he had just revealed. He'd just made sure that no one would ever forget him now.

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