By Carol Sandford


Chapter 29


"Is he okay?"

"He's safe and sound."

"Did it work; The sample. Did it work, Beverly?"

Beverly smiled no longer able to hold back the tears that had threatened. Some were for the success of the trials. Some were for the success of the operation with no damage done to either mom or son. And some were just from sheer tiredness.

"It worked, Deanna. The serum is being reproduced as we speak. It's going to take some time, and unfortunately not all the Lanaarians can benefit from it. But for the others that we've caught in time, we can save."

"And Worf?" Deanna asked not even bothering to hide the fear in her eyes from her friend as she clung to her fingers tightly.

"No news yet, I'm afraid."

"No news is good news, though, right?"

Beverly grinned at her, even though the smile was somewhat wobbly. "No news is good news."

Once again Deanna's eyes glazed over with fear as she asked another more obvious question. "And Will. Is Will back yet?"

Beverly pushed herself to a stand as she answered her. "Yes, he is. He's in the ready room with the captain briefing him with what's happening down on the planets surface. He stopped by a short while ago but you were still sleeping."

Deanna took a shaky breath. "I want to see him. I want to tell him about the baby, Beverly."

Beverly nodded slowly, her face solemn. "I'm glad you've decided to see sense at last. I'll let him know then make sure you have some privacy."

"Can't I go to our quarters? I feel fine now. Well, almost fine." She amended when she saw the doctors eyebrow rise.

The doctor pondered over her request for a moment or two and then relented when she saw the desperation in her young patients face. "Okay. I guess you can't come to any harm tucked up into your own bed. It certainly won't do the commander any harm. The poor man is completely frazzled."

Deanna looked away guiltily. "I know. I haven't been much use to him lately, have I?"

"You had your own reasons for keeping your pregnancy to yourself, and now I fully understand why. You were destined to help the Lanaarians, Deanna. Well," She amended. "Your son was destined to help. And you were right. Will would never have agreed to the procedure if he'd known. But from now on, no more secrets, please!"

Deanna chuckled. "Okay. No more secrets from here on in. Now, where have you stashed my clothes?"

Grinning, Beverly told her. "Oh, I think we can abuse the transporter just for a few moments." She spoke to thin air. "Transporter, site to site transport of Counselor Troi to her quarters."

And as the Betazoid mother-to-be began to disappear before her very eyes in a shower of particles, Beverly wriggled her fingers in a fond farewell.

A deep voice spoke from behind her. "I hope she's gone home to tell her husband something important."

Beverly was smiling as she turned and faced the one man that she could share anything with. "Yes, Jean-Luc, she has. Mind you," She teased. "I'd love to be a fly on the wall when she does. I bet Will's face will be a picture."

Picard laughed as he took Beverly's arm and led her out of sickbay. "What I wouldn't give for an old fashioned camera. The photo would be worth a small ransom."

"Ooh, that's cruel, Jean-Luc Picard. Real cruel."

"Yes, isn't it?" He grinned then leaned closer to her and whispered conspiratorially, "Shall we just go and eavesdrop on them instead? After all, he might need the services of a good doctor once she's told him."

She laughed along with him, the sound wonderful after the stresses of the past few weeks. "Why, Jean-Luc, I never considered you to be so naughty."

He raised his head and laughed at the heavens. "Naughty! Ma Cherie, you haven't even begun to see the naughty side of me yet."

Instantly the joyous moment changed and with it came his words that were filled with the promise of something that Beverly now wanted more than anything after everything that had happened recently. Stopping, Jean-Luc turned towards her and looked deep into her eyes and stroked his thumb along her jawline. He whispered seductively against her cheek. "Are you up to tackling a naughty Frenchman, Beverly Crusher?"

"Um hmm," She murmured dreamily. "As long as we get some sleep afterwards.

"You would want to sleep after I've finished with you."

"Is that a promise?" Her voice now hoarse with desire as she stared dreamily into his grey eyes.

"More than a promise. My place or...?"

"Yooooohooooooooooo! Jean-Luc, there you are!"

The whole ship could have heard the groan that left the lips of the two expectant lovers. Jean-Luc's forehead leaned against Beverly's as he frantically reigned in his ardent arousal, a task that wasn't as hard as he expected knowing that Lwaxana Troi was about to descend upon him.

The couple steeled themselves for what was to come. In another time and another situation, Jean-Luc wouldn't have been politeness itself. But the very thought of not seeing what he had started with the woman he had always loved though pushed his accommodating button right out of the window.

"Jean-Luc, Beverly, where have you been? I've been searching for you simply everywhere!" Completely oblivious, or deliberately oblivious to the tension emanating from the duo that stood stiffly before her, Lwaxana Troi ploughed on. "I hear you've discharged my daughter from your care. I must say, that I..."

"Mrs. Troi, please go away and leave us alone. We are both very tired and we are both going to bed - together. And yes, I did just say that. Good day to you, madam."

Both Lwaxana and Beverly were equally stunned as Picard purposely took Beverly's arm and steered her around the open-mouthed Betazoid hurrying down the corridor as though the devil himself was on his tail.

"Damn woman!" He exploded quietly. "I can't even get a moments peace when I'm about to seduce the woman of my dreams. God, how does Deanna...?"

"I'm the woman of your dreams, Jean-Luc?" Beverly asked, pulling him to a halt so that she could look at him head on.

She had her answer as he slowly and lovingly took in her features, his anger at being interrupted evaporating in an instant. Slowly reaching forward he lightly touched his lips to hers. Hovering close, he murmured, "You must know I'm crazy about you. I always have been."

There was no doubt in his sincerity as he took both of her hands and pulled them up to his chest to cradle them as he kissed her deeply. If anybody saw them, they didn't see, and they didn't care who did anymore.

Gently breaking apart, Beverly whispered against his shoulder as he pulled her tight against him. "Take me to bed, captain."

As he took her hand and hurried them both towards his quarters, he growled, "Just try and stop me, doctor."

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