By Carol Sandford


Chapter 03


Will woke to an empty bed the following morning and he dimly realised that it wasn't the first time that he had done so. Deanna had taken to rising early several mornings recently. Not every morning, but most and he always found her in the Ten Forward lounge staring out at the passing stars, sipping a huge mug of herbal tea.

Ordinarily, Will would have considered something wrong, but she always looked so at peace, so content and she always greeted him as though she was pleased to see him so he did and said nothing to upset her. He simply figured that she had changed her routine for some reason so he wasn't overly concerned.

Will showered and made his way towards Ten Forward. Stepping through the doors he sought out his wife, and sure enough, there she was, in the same place and in the same position. She hadn't heard him enter and Will took the opportunity to study her from afar.

Deanna loved this time of the day. She had got into rising early to hide the threat of morning sickness and coming here, sipping the tea that Beverly had recommended and just...relaxing, eased the symptoms. Belatedly, she had also come to realise a connection between the nightmares and the nausea. But this morning, she felt wonderful.

Last night, making love with Will had felt like being reborn. The way he had touched her and made her feel was almost like he had understood. Like he had known she was expecting his baby. But he didn't, of that she was certain. But Beverly was right, she couldn't hide it for much longer.

Will watched her as she smiled to herself, but his eyes were drawn to the motion of her hand and the way it rested on her tummy. It wasn't a casual movement, more of a comforting gesture and it tugged at Will's gut. But before he could question himself any further a voice broke into his musing. "She looks happy. Marriage must suit her."

Will started at the hushed voice that suddenly appeared beside him. He studied the El-Alurian briefly before fixing his eyes back onto the topic in question. But he couldn't resist asking her, his puzzlement evident in his voice, but along side the puzzlement was a touch of male pride. "Do you think so?"

Guinan nodded and the eccentric hat that was her trademark bobbed along with her. "You should ask her yourself. You might be surprised at what she says."

Will watched her turn away as quietly as she approached. He walked towards the solitary figure, managing to get close enough to plant a kiss on her neck before sitting down beside her. "Morning, sweetheart, are you okay?"

Will could have swore that Deanna turned a shade pinker before rapidly composing herself. "Of course! Have you had breakfast yet?" At his shake of the head she continued. "I'm starving, but I wanted to wait for you, seeing as your going to be away for the rest of the day."

Startled, Will was unsure how to respond. "Why didn't you wait for me? We could have had breakfast in our quarters. Maybe even had breakfast in bed."

Deanna laughed outright at the mischievous glint in the sparkling blue eyes; eyes that barely hours ago had begged her to surrender her body to his. She was happy that things were back on an even keel, for now.

Deciding on staying where they were, they ordered scrambled eggs and bacon and chatted like an old married couple.

Guinan watched them from across the room as she polished the same glass for the umpteenth time wondering when Riker was going to cotton on that his beautiful wife was carrying his child. Then she frowned as she began to wonder just why his beautiful wife hadn't told her husband that she was carrying his child.

Something was amiss.

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