By Carol Sandford


Chapter 03


"Are you okay?"

Will was surprised at the strength to which Deanna hugged his body. No more than five minutes ago, she had stepped into his quarters looking like she had been in one helluva fight with someone - or something. Her suit was all bloodied and the hair that wasn't stuck to her head with sweat or blood, stuck out at all angles.

But to him, Deanna Troi was the prettiest looking woman in the cosmos, and when he'd held out his arms to her, she had gone into them and held on as though she was never going to ever let go again.

Will tried to read her, but her emotions were too strong for him to separate. So he did the next best thing; he loved her. Enfolding her completely in his arms, he tenderly stroked her hair and back. He kissed the tatty hair and he murmured incoherent things into her ear.

He didn't know how long they stood like that, and he didn't care. Three or four hours ago he would never had believed that they would be here, doing something that he had only fantasised about.

He asked again when he felt her body begin to relax against him whilst his own beginning to respond to her nearness. "Are you okay, Deanna. Did...Did Worf hurt you?" He couldn't stop himself from moving her body gently away from his so that he could see her face; see if Worf had hurt her. The dried blood didn't appear to be her own, but he couldn't be sure.

Deanna reacted slowly to Will's words, slowly looking down at herself and seeing what Will was seeing. Instinctively, her hand lifted to her hair, feeling its matted state and grimacing at the image that filled her mind.

"Good Lord, what must I look like? I need a shower." But instead of walking towards the door, Will grinned as she laced her fingers with his and made her way towards his bathroom with him very much in tow, giving him the answer to his question; She was okay, and so apparently was Worf.

Moments later the room began to fill with steam as systematically, Deanna shed every piece of her clothing. Will lost a piece of his to match her too until they were both standing naked beneath the steaming jets.

With her head thrown back, letting the water pound her head, she clung to Will's arms as his eyes feasted on her body. It had been a long time. Too long. He watched as the rivulet's created trails down her body, a body that now had the shape of a woman and not a girl. A body that he had only allowed himself to touch in his dreams.

Until now.

Pulling her saturated body to his, he finally let the last five years worth of dreams become a reality. Her skin, slick with the soapy suds, slid against his as he angled her head and feasted on her throat, sucking at the pulse he found there, rejoicing as he felt it pound harder against his lips.

Deanna clung to Will as the water washed away a whole lot more than blood and sweat. This was it. This was where she wanted to be, and all it had taken was one song. Just one song to make them remember that they were more than what they were.

That they were Imzadi.

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