By Carol Sandford


Chapter 01


Cruel and bleak is silence, the specter which reigns in laughters place. Black is the color of my souls mourning. Its' vain imaginations blosoms to fill the empty places of my heart, carved out by long absent explanations. Bitter as bile, is the blood which flows from wounds most unexpected; received unaware, thus unopposed.

Poem donated by di the Schmi...Thank you


The quiet music whispered around the lounge.

The two solitary figures sat in Ten Forward’s only cozy corner ignoring the flute’s hauntingly melodious harmony. Not hidden away, but discreet enough to hold their private conversation without being over heard.

Two dark heads almost touched. Her rich brown eyes were intent on his clear blue ones, hers sympathetic, his wistful. Her fingers tenderly held his, offering him some warmth, some comfort, and silent encouragement.

"Tell me how you feel, right now, right at this minute." Her velvety voice, low with an unending patience and understanding urged him to talk to her. The gentle tug on his fingers made him swallow painfully as he tried to verbalize his desolate emotions.

His eyes flickered between hers and the table, she watched him chew his lower lip as he contemplated his first words.

"At this minute, right now...my heart is so heavy with misery that I swear, if she walked through that door, I think I would cry."

The almost black eyes blinked several times at the quiet, honest admission and her fingers squeezed his tighter. Tthe long nails dug into his palms. He liked the pain. It forced the rising choke back down to where it came from until he could be alone to let it all go.

"So why don’t you, it would probably do you good, you have been storing it up for a long time. Maybe it's time to let it go. Let her go."

His blue eyes flashed with annoyance and he tried to release his hand. She refused to let it go.

"NO! No, never, she just needs a little time. She’ll come back, I know she’ll come back."

The flash disappeared to be replaced with glistening tears his voice broke as he tried to convince not only her, but himself.

"She’s just got to come back, Guinan."


The tense silence stretched on between them as Will attempted to regain his composure. The newly appointed Counselor and her distraught patient had met daily since Deanna Troi had left the Enterprise some three weeks previously.

Will still was not sure why she had left, and no one had been more shocked than he when Picard had relayed the news that she was leaving.

The announcement had left Will speechless. When it had come, it was out of the blue and totally unexpected. Even when her closest friends had gotten over their initial shock and expressed their sorrow, Will had remained silent.

Even when the strangled words burst from her lips, bringing a startled gasp from her comrades, Will did not even flinch.

"You, bastard!" She'd cried.

Even when Deanna had ran from the ready room in tears, Will had stayed in his seat, not even turning his head to watch her go.

Long after Picard had left with the rest of the senior crew, Will remained where he was, totally lost, devastated. Frozen.

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