By Carol Sandford


Chapter 11


Deanna woke first, at first disorientated until she felt the heaviness of the arms that still held her close to the inert form that lay lightly snoring beside her. Deanna smiled to herself basking in the knowledge that they were here, together, still alive and still speaking.

But in the next instant, her thoughts turned more sinister. But what lay ahead, what is in here that could take our lives, could separate an Imzadi couple, a couple that are destined to be together always?

Uneasy, Deanna untangled herself from Will’s arms and he grunted in protest. A few moments ago, she would have laughed, but not now. She found herself sitting up and hugging herself, missing the warmth of Will’s body. The air was chilly, but not cold. She expected it to be cold.

Locating the phaser, she aimed it at the rock and fired a long steady burst enough to bring back to warm glow to her face. She heard Will move and knew that she had woken him.

"Sorry, I didn’t mean to wake you."

Will’s body groaned in protest as he moved from the same position that he had fell asleep in.

Hell, I must have been more tired than I thought, so much for the night of passion that I had in mind!

His sleepy eyes focused on the back of the seated woman beside him. Will could feel her inner turmoil without even seeing her beautiful face.

"Deanna, come here."

Will gently but firmly tugged on her arm, pulling her back to the safety of his arms. Deanna snuggled up closer again, lifting her face to meet his. Will lowered his mouth to hers, giving her a searing kiss that left her breathless.

The audible sucking sound echoed through the cavern as their lips reluctantly parted. Will hovered above her face, Deanna caught the glimmer of mischievous in his eyes. Her eyes flew to his fingers when she heard the rustle of clothing being removed, his own clothing.

"Fancy skinny dipping?"

Deanna scoffed at the absurdity.

"You have got to be kidding me, Will Riker! I bet that water is minus plus!"

Will growled seductively as he stood, pulling her with him. Shucking off his outer coat, he began to work on her fastenings. Deanna could only stare stupidly at him, unsure if he really meant to do what he was planning.

The coat fell to the floor beside his, he began to raise her jumper over her head.

"Upsy daisy, sweetheart, you're going to love it once your in, there is nothing quite like an early morning dip to put some spark into your body."

Deanna playfully pushed his hands away as she realized that he was not playing fair.

"Hey, big guy, I want to see you stripping off too, if I’m going to be freezing my butt off, you can too!"

Will laughed outright as he continued removing his own clothes. Deanna felt her insides grow warm as he removed his last piece of skimpy clothing, but before she could do any more, Will turned and dived straight into the icy looking water.

Seconds later he came bursting from its depths like a naked Greek Adonis, unaware of the erotic image he portrayed as his strong, muscled arms swept his dripping hair back from his face. Deanna watched the water trailing rivulet’s down his torso. Droplets of water captured by the healthy covering of fur on his chest, sparkled like tiny translucent diamonds.

The provocative image drew Deanna to the water's edge. Will stilled as he watched her perfect form stand barely feet away from him. Lord, she was glorious. Swallowing painfully as his body instantly reacted to her shapely silhouette, Will held out his arms to her, but it was the look in his eyes that gave Deanna that final push.

Feeling like she was stepping into nowhere, Deanna slipped into the pool, her eyes wide with shock as the cold permeated through to her very soul before she had even got her waist wet. Despite knowing that it was likely to be that cold, she still found herself screaming, the sound bouncing over the cavern walls, she dimly wondered if anybody had heard it on the outside.

Will drew her close to his body, rubbing her shivering limbs with his large hands, trying to disperse the huge goose-bumps that now peppered her skin.

"Try and move around, sweetheart, you'll be okay once your moving. It's not that bad, come on, it’ll be fun."

Deanna’s teeth chattered as she stared at him like he was from another planet.

"F...f..un. Y...ou c...call this f...f...fun!"

Will laughed as he began to draw her through the water, forcing her to swim along beside him. Within minutes she had thawed enough, body and mind, to venture towards the waterfall.

As they slipped under the gentle cascade, Will pulled Deanna back to his frame. The water fell around them creating their own intimate shower.

Hitching herself around his waist Deanna linked her hands behind Will’s head. Leaning backwards, her face lifted and she let the pure water trail over her skin, the tingling sensation set her skin on fire with the most wonderful feeling that she had ever experienced and she found herself laughing, the glorious sound echoing around them.

Will grinned as he watched Deanna lose herself to the excitement. He knew she would. His eyes trailed down her body to her high breasts, standing alert with the chill of the water. He inwardly groaned as he felt his loins respond.

Deanna felt the change.

Bringing her face back to search his, her breath caught in her throat. Will’s eyes blazed with desire. The sapphire blue pools turned smoky as they reflected his innermost feelings. He wanted her, and God help her, she wanted him.

Will released his hands enough to allow Deanna to slide down his torso, stopping her when he felt the juncture of her thighs touch his bludgeoning hardness, and as their waiting open mouths collided so did the most intimate joining of all.

Tongues twisted and caressed as the rising thrusts catapulted them both to another dimension. A time in space where there was no beginning and no end. A time to lose oneself to the infinity of wondrous discovery. A precious time for lovers.

The water continued to cascade over their bodies, attempting to chill the red hot lovers that were still locked into oneness, but nothing could cool the fires that burned within until, at last, their mouths broke away as their heads fell back hanging on to each other for dear life as wave after wave of ecstasy washed over them again and again, leaving them trembling and weak. Clinging to each other as they both slowly came back down to reality, Will said one word that summed up the intense emotional experience.


Pushing him back so that Will was floating on his back supporting her on top of his huge body, Deanna chuckled, laying her head upon his broad chest as Will slowly manoeuvred his way back towards the camp fire.

Will climbed out first, firing up the heat rock before Deanna stepped out of the icy water, her teeth already beginning to chatter again as the loss of activity began to chill her once more.

Will scrabbled around in the back packs for something to dry themselves down with. Triumphant, he pulled out a small hand towel, barely big enough to wipe your face let alone an entire body, but it was better than nothing.

Pulling Deanna’s chilled body closer to him, he rubbed her down briskly, his own body heat helping the thawing process.

Deanna bent to pick up her clothing but stopped when Will’s low voice told her not to bother.

She turned her puzzled eyes to his.

"Why not? It’s freezing in here, Will."

His steady eyes met hers, Will could see the question churning over within her mind until she at last, found her own solution. They both turned to the pool again, Deanna gasped horrified.

"No! There must be another way out Will, there must be!"

Her spirits fell a million miles as he answered her plea.

"No, I’m afraid not, except the way we came in and I don’t think we can manage that. The pool disappears under that shallow tunnel over there, I’m going to go under and take a look...see where it leads to."

Deanna’s eyes followed Will’s outstretched finger as he pointed toward the farthest wall. The water flowed under a shallow lip with about six to eight inches of space above its surface.

Deanna felt the rising panic surge from her soul bursting from her mouth as the wave of nausea rose after it.

"NO! You can’t do this, Will, I might lose you, you could be drowned.I’m not letting you go, Will. To hell with this, let's go back. I don’t care if we fail or not, I’m not going to lose you, Will!"

Deanna bordered on the point of hysterical, her eyes streamed with huge teardrops as they bulged with fear. Will’s large hands locked onto her upper arms as he shook her, trying to break through her stark terror. Hell he was scared too, but it was the last thing he wanted her to see.

"We don’t have a choice, Deanna."

She broke him off mid sentence.

"We do have a choice, Will, we can go back, we can..."

Will watched her as she swung around and picked up the harnesses and ropes. He reached out to gently take them away from her.

"No, Deanna, we can’t. I disconnected the line after I came down because I had a hunch that this mad game that we are playing was just that, a game, a challenge of our feelings, a test, I figured that there would have to be an easy way out of here. Only I was wrong. I’m sorry."

His words hung heavy in the silent air, the waterfall’s calming sound faded into obscurity as the turmoil battled within the two naked forms that only minutes ago filled the silence with gasps of love and laughter.

"How could you, Will!, You’ve killed us, you’ve killed us both, we’re going to die here because the famous Will Riker thought he was so damned clever, thought he would take my life in his hands and discard it,again!"

Will was furious.

"Enough! How dare you say those things, Deanna. How dare you discard my feelings. I am sick of you putting the blame on my shoulders. How many times do you want me to apologize, Deanna. How many damn times!? This is YOUR fault we’re stuck down here. This was YOUR idea, not mine. How much more proof do you need to show how much I love you. What is you want Deanna. My life!?"

Will stalked away from her, taking a few angry steps away then just as quickly swinging back. Deanna staggered back from the rage in his eyes, she had never seen him so angry, so...raw.

But before Deanna could utter one word in a sorry attempt to make things right, Will turned and jumped back into the pool, and Deanna screamed. The scream echoed on and on throughout the cavern, slowly dying along with Will’s raging anger.

Half way across the pool, Will stopped and turned back to her speaking quietly, his voice heavy with pain.

"For once in your life, trust me, Deanna...please."

He did not give her the chance to respond. Turning away, he swam towards the narrow opening, pausing long enough to take a deep breath and then with a splash, Will disappeared beneath the surface out of sight.

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