By Carol Sandford


Chapter 02


Deanna had tried and tried. She had tried so hard that when it finally sunk in that Will was not going to pick up where they had left off from the Briar Patch, she realized that she could no longer be on the same ship with the man that had not only captured her heart all those years ago, but had also left it shattered.

She had dreamt about the reunion with her beloved, over and over. The dream was always the same; Will would see her, sweep her up into his huge arms, utter the one word that would cast the years of doubt away, and they would be together, forever, just as they were meant to be.

But what happened was Will saw her and pretended that they had never been anything more than friends. Deanna was crushed. Her soul mate had forgotten the promises that they had made to each other when they were so young and desperately in love.

Forgotten the way that he had made her feel.

Deanna still groaned when she closed her eyes and remembered the way Will used to touch her, inside and out. Her tummy still twisted painfully as she still ached for his tongue to explore every corner of her willing mouth, devouring her very essence.

And gasped as the most intimate joining of all still took her breath away, shaking her to the very core, every single time.

Every damned time she thought about her Imzadi and what they'd had, and what they had lost, the chasm in Deanna’s soul grew wider and wider until she could ignore it no longer. She could not take it anymore.

Deanna could no longer stay on the same ship and face him day after day, feeling the way that she did, knowing about the way that he felt. She just could not do it any longer.

It was time to go.

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