By Carol Sandford


Chapter 05


"Why hasn’t he come, mother? I can't believe he hasn’t come after me, it's been three, whole weeks!"

Deanna’s wails grated on the very edge of Lwaxana’s already jarred nerves. It had been the same every single day since she had arrived back home.

Every day, Deanna checked the communique's for a message, any message, and everyday she wailed until she thought her heart would break.

"He didn’t love me, mother, he didn't love me at all!"

Lwaxana hugged her daughter as the slender body shook with her sobs. Her soothing words did nothing to diminish the devastated Betazoid.

"Shush, little one, of course he loves you. Will just needs a little more time. You watch, a few more days and he'll come charging down here, declaring his undying love and he’ll whisk you back off among the stars before you’ve even had a chance to blow your nose!"

Deanna sniffed loudly, before hiccuping as she gulped for air, causing her mother to grimace with distaste at the unladylike gesture.

"Do...do you really think so, mother?"

Lwaxana stroked the matted curls away from the puffy face, smiling gently at the expectant, normally pretty, features.

"Yes, little one, I do, If there is one thing that I have learnt about men, especially men in love, is that they cannot stay away, no matter how hard they try."

Pulling her gently, but firmly to her feet, she began to push her towards the bathroom.

"And when he does turn up, I want you looking like you didn’t give a hoot whether he came or no. So get in there, have a nice long bath, do your hair, put a pretty dress and a smile on your face, and make that man grovel for forgiveness."

As soon as the door had shut, Lwaxana hurried along to her own bedroom. Sitting in front of the view screen, she sent a communique to the resident Counselor aboard the Starship Enterprise.

"Personal transmission for Guinan, all systems are go. Await your arrival with some degree of relief. I have had enough tears to last me a life time, and I hope to God that this is going to work otherwise I think I am going to strangle the pair of them! Lwaxana Troi out."

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