By Carol Sandford


Chapter 07



Lwaxana Troi swung on her daughter with such an astounded look upon face, Deanna almost chuckled, but tactfully bit her lip instead.

"I turned him down, mother."


Deanna sank into the chair, her energy spent and her heart heavy with her decision, even though her head told her it was the right thing to do.

"I deserve more than he’s offering me, mother, he only offered me meaningless words, it's not enough."

Lwaxana collapsed onto the seat beside her daughter as realization dawned.

"Do you know what your saying, Deanna? Do you know what your asking of a human being, of the sacrifice that your asking him to make?"

Deanna nodded slowly. Convinced that the depth of their Imzadi bond would instinctively take over Will’s Terran upbringing. "Yes, I do. If Will is my one, true Imzadi, he will know. He will understand."

Lwaxana sighed heavily, slapping her thighs with sweaty palms. She pushed herself to a stand, looking down at Deanna with concerned eyes. But behind that concern lay a quiet confidence that the Earthling would do the right thing. But as she turned away, she silently wondered if he would take on the challenge. She hesitated her step as Deanna's mind reached hers.

He will mother. I know he will

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