By Carol Sandford


Chapter 08



Guinan stared at her patient as though he had gone mad, until she belatedly remembered that he was her patient and she had just bawled him out.

"Sorry, Will, that was not how it was have supposed to have sounded. Let me say that again...She did what!!??"

Will simply raised his eyebrows, understanding the dark woman’s perplexity, since he had all but stumbled back to the Enterprise, he had been as bewildered as she.

"She said that words weren’t enough, that she needed to see more, and anything less would not even be considered."

Guinan felt her hackles rise again, her fingers tensed painfully on the tables surface, her obsidian eyes wide with disbelief.

"More...more of what? I don’t understand. You love her, she loves you what more could there be?"

Will smiled darkly, his head shook wondrously as he spoke.

"Oh, Guinan, you would have to understand the Betazoids to know. You have to experience the Imzadi bond to know what she’s expecting of me."

Guinan looked hopefully at the handsome man before her.

"You mean, you know what she wants?"

Will nodded as he sighed loudly,

"Yes, yes I do. I remember Deanna telling me a story a long, long time ago, but I had forgotten about it until I had spoken to her."

Guinan almost screamed with impatience as Will fell silent as he tried to remember the long past conversation.

"What story??"

Will’s mind drifted off as he tried to recall the intimate time. A time when lovers frequently became one. When lovers revealed their innermost dreams and desires. When nothing else mattered except them, the time, the pleasure. The magic.

"There is a ceremony. It has been performed only a handful of times, and only between Imzadi couples. If we go ahead with it and it is successful we will be the happiest couple in the universe, loving no other. But if we are not true Imzadi, we will suffer a fate worse than death."

The implication of his words hung around them leaving no doubt to the severity of the position that he had placed himself in. Guinan barely whispered her question, reaching out to squeeze his hand relaying its seriousness.

"Do you have any doubts, Will?"

He thought about her question and then asked himself that same question before staring her straight in the eyes and shrugging.

"I’m not sure. But I love her enough to risk it, so I guess that answers the question...Doesn’t it?"

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