By Carol Sandford


Chapter 01


"What's he doing here?!"

Deanna looked from Will to her bedroom, her amusement written all over her face.

"What's the matter, Will, jealous?"

Will stared at her incredulously before he spluttered out his disbelief,

"Jealous! Of Reg Barclay! Oh, Deanna, please, don't make me laugh!, ha, ha, ha!"

Deanna slowly made her way towards him, coming to a stop barely inches away from his body. Looking up into his face she became deathly serious.

"So how come it's Reg in here, making love with me in my bedroom, instead of you, Imzadi?"

Will's breath caught in his throat as the implication of her words filtered through before he hoarsely whispered,

"You...you made love to him!?"

"Uh, huh"

"You mean, you actually went to bed with Reg Barclay, and made love to him?"

Deanna nodded slowly. Still Will could not believe it.

"You had...sex with him?!"

She nodded again. Reaching up on tiptoe, Deanna pressed her lips to his. Will could taste the alcohol on her breath and the taste made his heart soar. He could only come to one conclusion. If Deanna had been drinking, it meant that she had needed the Dutch courage to do what ever she did with Barclay, because she would not have touched him with a barge pole without it!

Intrigued by the momentary silence, Reg had dared to stick his head out of the darkened room and catching his two senior officers in the intimate embrace.

Scowling, Reg watched as Will moulded Deanna's form to his tall frame, and even he had to grudgingly admit that they looked good together. He watched as Will's hands trailed up and down her slender body forcing her closer to him.

Reaching down, Will lifted her leg enabling him to get closer to her womanhood, and Reg, now embarrassed, swallowed noisily as they began to gyrate against each other.

Reg sulked as he watched, cursing himself for not having the balls to be that initiative with her. The sound of their kiss breaking made him realise that they were now likely to see him watching and he unconsciously gasped out loud.

Will and Deanna turned towards its source and Will smirked.

"Enjoying the view, Lieutenant?"

"Yes, sir, s...sorry, sir"

"Get out, Barclay"

"Y..yes, sir, right away, sir"

Not even bothering to put on his clothes, he scuttled from Deanna's quarters clutching his uniform against his private parts, desperate to get away from the teasing laughter and his own humiliation.

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