By Carol Sandford


Part 1


Mending Memories - Chapter 10



"We really should be leaving this time Will, it'll be dark by the time we got home even if we leave right now." Deanna thoughtfully twirled the dark hairs on Will's chest as he lay completely satiated beside her, a contented, slightly smug smile upon his face.

His eyes were closed as he relished in the ministrations that she rained on his naked body. He felt his ardour began to grow again, along with the uncomfortable thought that once they reached 'civilisation', it would be several months, maybe even years until they would share these intimate moments again.

Deanna felt her heart grow heavy as the prospect of returning home neared. Believing fate would eventually see them together again soon, a small nagging doubt also crept in. The 'what if' that always accompanied every good feeling everybody had.

As Will pulled her on top of him once more, a different kind of urgency came into their union. And as he embedded himself deep within her once more, as they became one, hearts, minds, souls joined in the oneness. Their Imzadi link permanently locked for all eternity.

This was was their final promise to each other. No matter what, for as long as it took to be reunited, they would stay true to each others hearts. Both adult enough to know that their may be others until they met again, but when the time was right, they would return to each other, with no recriminations, no questions, and no doubts.

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