By Carol Sandford


Part 1


Mending Memories - Chapter 11



Tang looked up from his desk when he heard the quiet footsteps approach his office. Tang's relief was clearly evident on his craggy face when he say who it was. Will entered the airy office and Tang gestured to the tall man to sit. Lowering his tall frame into the seat proffered, Will waited for his friend to start the inquisition.

Throwing down his padd, Tang waited for Will to relay how the reconciliation went.


Tang pushed back his chair, propped his foot upon the desktop, made himself comfortable, and waited.


Will wallowed with glee in the suspended agony that poured out from his friend.

Finally Tang could take no more and blurted out. "Aw, geez!, come on, sir, you owe me...Something!"

Will grinned, his blue eyes lit up in merriment at his friends predicament, but became serious as he appreciated just what the man before him had done. Tang had jeopardised his own career for him, for them.

"For as long as I live, Tang, I will never, ever forget what you have done for me, for us. Both Deanna and I, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for giving us the necessary time to make things right."

Tang smiled, his pleasure apparent on his face. "It worked then, you got things sorted with the little lady?"

Will smiled at the fitting description of Deanna. "Yes, Tang, it worked. At least I can leave now and know that she'll be waiting for me to come back for her, and I will Tang, count on it. We've just got to get through tomorrow..."

The statement was left unfinished, the following moment of silence saying it all.

Coming to a stand, Tang joined Will on his side of the desk. Propping himself against its edge, Tang folded his arms, his face thoughtful. "Any idea when you'll get back?"

Will stood and they both began to make their way out of the office. "Well, we normally get shore leave every four to five months, and I usually either go to Earth or Risa..." Will paused when he saw the knowing look on Tang's face, "Yeah, well, a man's gotta have some fun."A slight flush crept up his neck at his confession, but coughing, he brought himself back to the present, "Anyway, I said I'd send her a communique when I had a definite date and destination, and she would meet me."

Will came to a halt and the two men turned to face each other. Will looked directly at Tang, his eyes glowing with his new found love, his voice echoed his eyes. "I can't believe it, thanks to you, she's mine Tang, she's almost mine."

Tang nodded his understanding, and placing his large hand upon Will's shoulder, they walked down the corridor to begin preparations for the start of his future odyssey.

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