By Carol Sandford


Part 1


Mending Memories - Chapter 2



Deanna hurried out of the building, certain Will would not follow her. But as she turned the corner, she heard him scream her name, tears springing to her eyes as she heard the pleading tone echo throughout the peaceful lawns and through to her very soul.

Deanna's hands flew to her ears to block out the sound. Her heartbeat thumped painfully, along with the ache that had steadily built as she had walked silently away from what she had thought was her destiny, her new life. Her Imzadi.

Deanna heard footsteps approaching, and thinking it was Will, she ran. She was not ready for on the onslaught of Will's emotional state. Her heart still heavy with saying goodbye. No, she corrected herself, they did not say goodbye, she could not bring herself to say the words. Saying goodbye meant forever to her, she did not want to say that to him, because last night, in the corridor, after she had ran from him, the first time. After she had almost, foolishly thrown herself at him, Deanna had known that they were not ready for total commitment. Life for them was incomplete, and life still had to be lived, to the full. When she was ready, and when Will was ready, fate would find them again and reunite them, of that she was certain.

But not right now.

Deanna found herself on her best friend's doorstep. Chandra opened the door, her eye's already told Deanna that she knew what was wrong. No words were spoken as Chandra gently pulled the traumatised woman into her embrace.

The action was all Deanna needed, because as soon as Deanna felt Chandra's shoulder against her face, she began to cry in earnest. Huge sobs racked her tiny frame, and Chandra hugged her closer still. Deanna clung to her for dear life, and Chandra's heart broke along with her friends. To a Betazoid, losing your Imzadi was probably, by far, the worst thing to happen in the world, and her friend had just lost hers.

Eventually Deanna quietened to an eerie silence. Chandra could no longer read her thoughts and knew she had shut down her mind to block out the pain, and the memories. Guiding her to her spare room, she eased Deanna onto the bed. Deanna stared unseeing into her face, reaching out for her, she painfully clutched her hands, the desperation for her to stay with Deanna filtered through. Chandra lay down beside her, and using Deanna's mother's affectionate term, made her way in through Deanna's troubled mind.

Hush, I'm not going anywhere. Sleep little one, it will help, please sleep

Within moments, Chandra felt Deanna's body relax, her breathing became even and she knew she had fallen into a deep slumber.

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