By Carol Sandford


Part 1


Mending Memories - Chapter 4



The Captain of The Hood's face looked incredulous. "What do you mean, 'he's missing?!' Where is my first officer, Sergeant Tang?."

Tang coughed nervously, squared his shoulders and spoke back to the viewscreen, "I mean, sir, Lieutenant Riker has gone missing."

Realisation dawning, DeSoto asked him, "He did survive the Sindereen attack didn't he? Your report did say that he had returned with the hostage?"

Tang nodded "Yes sir, he did return. But he, er...He did suffer some distress. Perhaps, sir, he just needs a little longer to clear his head."

DeSoto stared at the man for several moments as he contemplated his position. His decision made, he sighed. "Okay,wWe have a short surveillance survey to attend to that should take three to four days. I'll give Lieutenant Riker the benefit of the doubt. I'll allow him the extra time, and we'll hopefully pick him up on our return. If he is indeed, 'missing', then obviously we'll look into it, but until then, I'll leave everything in your capable hands, Tang, to get my first officer back on track"

Tang nodded, trying to keep the relieved look from his face. "You can count on it, Captain, I shall do my very best. Thank you, sir. Tang out"

Tang breathed a thankful sigh as he rapidly severed the connection. He muttered to himself, "Well, that went better than I thought, now it's up to you, William Riker."


Retracing his steps, Will slowly made his way through the dense forest. Tang had filled a rucksack with everything that he would possibly need for a short spell in the humid jungle, including a communicator. Will unconsciously patted the pocket which held the life line, happier knowing that all he needed was to call and Tang would be there. Deanna would be there. If she wanted to come.

Will strode with a purpose. He knew where he was headed, and for the first time in hours he began to feel at peace. Everything he wanted to know, and everything he needed to think about, feel, and resolve, would happen at his destination.

Janaran Falls beckoned him rather like a woman would. Like Deanna would. Memories of their union made him grow warm, inside and out. He felt the tightening in his loins, the familiar ache in his heart whenever her face, appeared like a mirage in front of him. He let the moan fall from his mouth knowing that only the birds could hear him.

Will was wretchedly tired, but hurried on. Only when had reached his destination would he rest. Then he would sit and formulate his ideas. Will was not going to leave this planet, or her, until they had made some...any future plans to be together. One day, some way.

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