By Carol Sandford


Part 1


Mending Memories - Chapter 5



Chandra sat opposite her dearest friend, her hands tightly clasped with her own. Deanna beat her to her words, "He's gone, hasn't he?"

Chandra hesitated for several moments, carefully weighing her answer. Deanna gasped as she read her mind, "He hasn't, has he, Will hasn't gone?"

Chandra shook her head, looking into her friends eyes to gauge her reaction to the news. Deanna's eyes were still puffy from crying so much, but now they sparkled. Chandra saw the spark that re-lit them, then just as quickly, watched them dim again.

Falling back against the couch Deanna sighed heavily, "Oh, Chandra, why didn't he just go. Why is he going to make this even harder than it already is. Why?"

Chandra could not answer her. Eventually Deanna picked up on the silence, a coldness washed over her at the negative vibes that radiated from her friend. Coming to a sitting position again she nervously asked Chandra outright. "Chandra, where is he?"

Chandra looked again into the chocolate eyes, and quietly informed her, "Nobody knows Dee. He's vanished"

Deanna audibly gasped, the sensation felt the same as being slapped. Eventually Deanna stood and began to pace. "I have to find him Chandra, I must, he might be injured, or suicidal, or severely depressed. I must go to him. Now.

Chandra also rose to a stand, and grasping her tiny friend by the shoulder, she began to steer Deanna out of the door, "Come on, I know of only one person who's likely to know anything."


Tang felt like he was standing in front of a firing squad. The determination of the two women who stood, directly in front of him, hands on hips, was intimidating. Very intimidating.

"Come on, Sergeant, we know you know where he is, so let's make this inquisition short, because you are not going to move until we get some answers."

Chandra's threatening tone and stance almost made Tang quiver. Deanna, although equally determined to find out the same information, stood silently, and hopefully, beside her. Moments later, both women turned and walked away, Chandra threw her parting comment over her shoulder.

"Thank you, Sergeant Tang, that's all we needed to know."

Tang slapped his forehead as he realised that he had given away Will's whereabouts without saying a word.

"Damned telepath's!"


"No, no Chandra, I want to go alone. I must go alone. I know my way to the falls, I've been there hundreds of times."

"But it's too dangerous, Dee, The Sindereen might be in there looking for their leader. Please let me, or let my husband take you to Will, and I promise, we'll come straight back."

Chandra's voice trailed off when she spotted Tang approaching. "That won't be necessary, miss, I will gladly escort Miss Troi to lieutenant Riker's destination, in fact, I insist."

Tang waited expectantly for their decision as the two women silently conversed with each other, before Deanna finally, and quietly replied, "Thank you, Tang"

Tang grinned as he bowed slightly "All part of the service, Ma'am."

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