By Carol Sandford


Part 1


Mending Memories - Chapter 9



"I guess we should be heading home."

The remark brought Will out of the mutual tranquillity that had settled between them. "I guess." but neither moved. Both were loathe to break the spell, that magical moment.

Will turned sad eyes to hers and something flared in their depths, something sparked deep inside. Both felt it. Will reached up to touch her lip, the question fell from his. "Deanna?"

It was all Deanna needed to hear. Leaning over, her mouth found his. His hand wove its way into her hair, holding her firm. As Deanna groaned, Will grasped the opportunity, slipping his tongue into her warm moistness. Her tongue met his, and this time, it was he who groaned as he felt his body come alive.

Deanna tugged at his shirt, she needed to feel his body, and touch his skin. Her fingers finally found their quarry and Will whimpered. Pushing himself up, Deanna almost protested until she watched him remove the offensive piece of material. Will watched the hunger in her eyes as her hands reached out to touch him again.

Kneeling to face her, Will closed his eyes and let the sensuous feelings wash over him. With his palms flat against his thighs, he was at her mercy. He felt her breath on his chest but refused to allow his hands to move. Deanna traced every contour of his torso, every muscle shape, every dip, every dimple, Deanna touched every one.

Will was enraptured. Deanna nipped at his tiny nipples, the action pulling an inner warmth deep from within his loins. Her tongue snaked out to leave a trail along his collar bone, moving around to gently nip at his ear. Will tried to find her lips again, he needed to kiss her, but Deanna pulled away. His eyes flew open, she was barely inches away from him, a teasing smile matched the intoxicated ebony eyes. He grinned mischievously at her, his own body drunk with desire, with want, for her.

"My turn."

Bringing herself to her knees, she boldly faced him. Lifting her arms, Deanna silently begged him to remove her sweater. Moments later it was thrown down beside his. Removing the lacy brazier, it too joined the mounting pile of clothes.

Falling back on his haunches, he admired the scene before him. Deanna glowed from the desire that flared once more in her eyes. She whispered, begged..."Touch me, Will.".

Reaching out, Will traced one slender finger from her bottom lip down her naked body, his eyes never leaving her face. By the time he had reached her tummy button, her eyes had fluttered shut, and she silently held her breath.

Pushing back up onto his knees again, he tugged at the waistband of her trousers to bring her body close to his. Her eyes still closed, Will murmured hoarsely, "Look at me, Deanna, I want you to see how much I love you."

Deanna's eyes slowly opened revealing the deep hunger that flowed from every fibre of her body. Looking into Will's eyes, Deanna lost herself in the adoration that poured from the very depths of Will's soul. One arm held her close, the other hand gently lifted her chin. He Kissed her tenderly, "I will cherish you forever, Imzadi, no matter where I am, what I'm doing, you will uppermost in my heart and mind until we're together again. I am in love with you, Deanna, never forget that"

By the time Will had finished, Deanna was weeping, but this time it was with joy. Chuckling self consciously, Deanna wiped at her eyes "See what I mean? I'm always crying"

Will wrapped her within his arms and hugged her tight until the gesture sparked their desires again. Once more, they began to kiss deeply. From mouth to mouth, heart to heart, ache to ache, they became one again.

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