By Carol Sandford


Part 4


The Waiting Game - Chapter 4


One month later, Will's ship arrived at the planet Deneb 4, home of the newly constructed Farpoint Station, the Federation's latest Starbase. The base had been under attack by an alien life-force since it's completion, but by the time The Hood had arrived, things had reached crisis point.

Starfleet had despatched the USS Enterprise, and the USS Starseeker to join forces against the alien. But it was not until the Starseeker had been destroyed that it came to light that the attacking alien was trying to free its mate that had been captured by the planets inhabitant's, the Bandi. It had eventually taken the ships newly appointed Counselor to sense the Bandi's deception and to free the trapped alien.

Will returned to his own ship, tired, battleworn and in desperate need of some R & R, so was surprised when he was summonsed to his Captain's ready room. Will stood before the man who he had come to greatly admire, puzzled at the smug smile that was upon the older man's face. "You wanted to see me, Sir?"

DeSoto grinned at his first officer and indicated him to sit. "At ease, Will, I have some news for you."

Instantly Will was suspicious. "Oh. And what may that be, Sir?"

DeSoto decided to wind him up a little. "Yo're being transferred."

Will cautiously looked at his senior officer. "Oh. And where am I being transferred to, if I might ask?"

DeSoto smirked, "Farpoint Station."

Will simply stared at him before exploding with disbelief. "Planetside! Jesus Christ, Robert, I joined Starfleet to zoom around the galaxy in Starship's, not to get my bloody ass planted on solid ground again!"

Robert DeSoto began to quietly chuckle before falling about with laughter at Will's expression.

Will was not amused. "I hardly find it funny, Sir, it's not you being stuck on some, God-fore-saken ball of dirt, that hasn't even got any decent looking women!"

As soon as he had said the statement out loud, Will found himself silently adding, And she isn't there

Another burst of laughter finished Will off. With an unaccustomed coarse word that told his Captain just exactly what he thought of his new mission, he made to leave the room. Robert DeSoto's laughter choked off as he realised that Will thought he was being serious, and he promptly called him back.

"Will, Will, come back, I was kidding you."

Will stopped as he reached the door, he looked back over his shoulder, his face still held its murderous gleam. "That was not funny, Sir."

Robert waved his hand mid air as he indicated for Will to resume his seat. "Sorry, Will, couldn't resist, but it was worth it just to see your face."

Will half hid the smile that played across his features. "Yes, well, my sense of humour got let behind with all the dead bodies that I've just had to catalogue."

DeSoto sighed, immediately sorry for his lousily timed jest. "Yes, you're right, forgive me. We lost too many lives this time, I'm sure this battle won't be forgotten for a very long time."

Will nodded, a poignant silence followed before Will quietly asked his Captain with a heartfelt sigh, "So, where am I being transferred to?"

Robert DeSoto looked at him blankly for a brief second as he brought himself back to the present, "Uh? Oh, yes. Congratulations, Will, you're the new first officer of the USS Enterprise D."

Will was stunned, so stunned that he just sat and stared at his companion.

DeSoto continued, "Seems that the new Captain...What was his name? Oh yes, a Jean-Luc Picard - French I guess. Anyhow's, seems like he requested you personally. Heard about your heroic efforts on Nervala 4, and Turkana 4. Oh, and I gather someone you recommended from there is also on board the Enterprise, as head of security. Natasha Yar. Remember her?"

Will grinned, "I sure do, one hell of a gal, I look forward to working with her."

Robert threw Will a knowing wink, "Yes, Will, I'm sure you are."

Will waggled his eyebrows, the machiavellian grin and blue eyed sparkle pushing aside the last few days horrors.

Robert merely chuckled as he shook his head. "I'm going to miss you, Will, it's been a true pleasure having you watch my back. Picard is a lucky man. Hell, you're a lucky guy, this is the chance of a lifetime for you. Starfleet want you to return to Farpoint Station and tie up a few loose ends, and then you'll be reporting to the Enterprise, so I guess you've got to pack your bags and take them with you."

Both men stood, both reached for a hearty handshake. "Thank you, sir, it's been fun."

DeSoto jumped in "Not as much fun as I'm going to have now your going. I might actually get a look in with the ladies." Both men erupted with laughter as they exited the ready room.


Meeting up with the Enterprise's new doctor and her teenage son, Will soon found out that Doctor Beverly Crusher did not mince her words. Will, while trying to be super-clever and super-efficient by spouting off about collecting totally unnecessary information for his new Captain soon got told in no uncertain terms that he was, 'showing off!'.

Will waited for word from his new Commanding Officer and within hours, the newly appointed Chief engineer, Geordi Laforge passed on the message that Captain Picard had requested his presence on board. As Will summonsed the transporter, little did he know that on board the Enterprise D, he was about to come face to face with the one person that had haunted his dreams.

The one person that had helped him come through his already numerous close encounters with death. The soul reason for his very existence, to find again, to love again, to rejoin the bond that had locked their two souls together for all eternity.

His Imzadi. Deanna Troi.

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